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I appreciate the process of writing songs that allow listeners to relate, partake and enjoy. I believe as an artist, if you're authentic, those who need/want your music will be drawn to it. While our message is based on our active faith, our style is genre-defying in a true sense. As a musician, I get to connect with listeners and share melodies that connect to our lives through days, moments, experiences, seasons and challenges. Grateful for the opportunity to create and give!

SUSTENANCE (Vibrant Expressions of God’s Word)

July 5, 2019

Featured Tracks:

  1. Acts at Work (Build Forward Missions)

  2. Our Purpose

  3. Where He Leads

  4. Power Through Relationship

  5. Psalm 33

  6. Trust Comes First

  7. God Is Faithful (feat. Eric Greene)

  8. The DNA of Hypocritical People

  9. God’s Love for You (The Best Love)

  10. Psalm 46

  11. Come Boldly (feat. Rev. Jackie Nelson)

  12. Revival

  13. God Cannot Lie

  14. Our Release

  15. All You Need Is a Little Faith (The Nelson Family)

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