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Never You Mind, It’s Christmastime

This album is an instant Christmas classic with a range of tracks you can play along with all Christmas song favorites; you’ll also enjoy playing it over and over again on its own.

Described as “…the essence of Christmas” Never You Mind, It’s Christmastime will enhance the season and make it very bright.

A joyful, playful, warm, and toasty

Christmas celebration.


November 2, 2021

Featured Tracks:

  1. Never You Mind, It’s Christmastime (feat. Clarions)

  2. It Feels Like Christmas

  3. Riding Through the Snow

  4. You Are the Perfect Gift

  5. Christmas Wonder (feat. Dale Scott)

  6. Prayer for Peace (feat. Salomax)

  7. New Year Glow (feat. Xzavier Roy)

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