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Love Litmus

Love Litmus

A collective of newly penned love songs about an amazing and enduring relationship in this time.

Beauty is threaded throughout the album with simplistically rich lyrics, luscious melodies, and Dynamically expressed vocals embodied by vibrant, eclectic instrumentation.


We often hear songs of heartbreak in abundance but ‘LOVE LITMUS’ generates inspirations of love at its very best. From the hand dancing anthem, ‘Not Afraid (Not Alone)’ all the way to the wonderfully affirming, ‘(I Love You) All Over Again’ you’ll hear and feel a journey of love

worth taking.


October 20, 2020

Featured Tracks:

  1.  Not Afraid (Not Alone)

  2.  We Live As One (feat. Clarions)

  3. I Knew You Were My You

  4. Running Water

  5. Love Litmus (feat. Odele and Alex Kleiner)

  6. Our Next Amazing

  7. (I Love You) All Over Again

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