This is music to connect with and champion children everywhere while celebrating the joy of Christmas! It's exciting, assuring, lots of fanfare and plenty of partying. ‘Get the Life You Want Kids Christmas’ music allows kids to both dance and think; sing and embrace the season of Christmas with a smile in their hearts and on their faces. This music also helps our kids to feel better about themselves and the world we live in.


November 1, 2019

Featured Tracks:

  1. It’s a Christmas Celebration

  2. Christmas on My Mind (feat. Joshua Diaz)

  3. Something About You Know Who / All Hail King Jesus

  4. Scratch the X Right Out

  5. Let Me Be a Blessing

  6. Shine!

  7. Miracle

  8. Imma Wrap Myself Up (feat. Wale Owoade)

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