Charlene Nelson Scott

It all started at the tender age of 3, when Charlene couldn’t remember her Easter Sunday recitation, but to the total amazement of her mother and congregants, Charlene began to sing and has been joyfully singing ever since.

Today, as a recording artist, Charlene is often reminded of the question posed to an artist who was getting long overdue recognition, “How does it feel to be an overnight success?” The artists’ response is the same as it is for Charlene and so many others, “It was not by any means overnight!”

Charlene has been fine tuning her range of talents for many years; developing the unique sound fans have come to love her for ever since that day in the church. As a young teen Charlene honed her voice in singing groups such as ‘Harvey Lewis, Jr. and the COGIC choir’, ‘Dale Talbert and the Dimensionals’, as well as ‘Henry Davis and Company.’ Even then, Charlene’s distinctive melodic sound drew a crowd that marveled at her mature interpretations and daring delivery of gospel classics, as well as her spin on current hits which always became favorites. Her raw talent garnered international singing tours; standing before kings, queens and many dignitaries. This travel also ignited Charlene’s awareness and concern for the less fortunate. Her answer to this stirring was to always make time to perform, be of service and spread the Word in neglected communities.


Charlene was 14 years old when she had her first recording studio experience; it was the moment that changed everything. Everyone in the room was awestruck by the purity of her voice, which brought upon the kind of silence that is an acknowledgement of being in the presence of something great. Charlene pleaded to stick around during post-production. Baffled by why a ‘kid’ nonetheless a girl would be interested in mixing and mastering; the engineer and group leaders obliged. Unbeknown to them an insatiable flame had ignited in the young girl.