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Charlene Nelson Scott

Charlene Nelson Scott is an amazing talent. She brings a unique perspective and taste to the music she makes. Her vocal prowess is simply impressive, reaching a three-octave range with smoothness and agility.

Her career as an artist has been dynamic and progressive since age 14, her ability to make music that’s different from the norm, is one of the things most respected by her audience. Charlene’s global travels have widened her musical influences and infused her songwriting with fresh viewpoints.

As a native Washingtonian, Charlene understands personally how crucial it is to take life one step at a time with meaningful goals. “Let the expression of your craft come from the essence of your character, heart, soul, and experiences; it’s authentic and beautifully expands your reach.” Charlene enjoys being a community wellness advocate.

Charlene’s catalog features 100+ tracks she’s written, recorded, arranged, and produced - acclaimed in varying genres with lyrical depth, stunning vocals, and great music. Her gospel roots and love of orchestral presence often add an unexpected fusion woven creatively into her compositions.

Her husband, Dale has dubbed Charlene’s music, ‘life songs.’ You’ll hear performances and feel illustrations that connect with you for sure.

Down-to-earth, kind and daring are words that describe Charlene as a person and an artist.

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